Earth Real Estate

Earth Real Estate approached Archetype for logo design & print production. Our source for inspiration came from the planed development ...


Los Gatos Beauty

Archetype developed a responsive and mobile-friendly website for Los Gatos Beauty Boutique. Work included newsletter template for email advertising and ...



Gutterbusters approached Archetype for a mobile-ready web design upgrade. In addition, the Gutterbusters wanted to utilize their existing website design. ...


Volagi Cycles

Volagi builds the most advanced endurance road bicycles on Planet Earth. Volagi Cycles approached Archetype for POS retail graphics, mini ...


Meat Industry Brothers Pivac

Archetype collaborated with Spot MB an environmental branding and production co. to deliver fleet vehicle graphics, totem retail signs, and ...


Dental Center B2

BagoBozic Dental Center approached Archetype to design their company’s logo. Work included the development of two proofed variations.


Fortnum & Mason

One-off package concept procured for client display at Archetype Branding & Design Studio.


Rio Products

Package system prototype procured for client display at Archetype Branding & Design Studio.


Vita Eterna

Current work in progress for nonprofit start-up. (logo design and t-shirt series)


Buljan Vending Co.

Buljan Vending Co. is a full line vending machine and food delivery service based in Northern California. They are a ...


Ink – Environmental Branding

Ink is a Croatian based graphic arts training center. Ink offers a full array of graphic design and web courses. ...


Ink – Web Identity

Ink’s interactive web identity utilizes immersive nature of Flash to allow the audience to be captivated by a complete creative ...


Ink – Brochure

12″ x 18″ brochure featuring acrylic cover with laser engraved logo.


The Celtis Group

Celtis is a parent company to Diablo Landscape Inc., Cohen Landscape Inc., and Maniglia Landscape Inc., providing comprehensive landscape services ...


Spot MB

Logo design for environmental branding and production co. specializing in large-format production services.


Kraljevic – Concrete Cutters

Wrapping your vehicle will ensure that everywhere you go, people will see your brand. Nothing turns heads like an awesome ...

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