Design is the method of putting form and content together. Design, just as art, has multiple definitions; there is no single definition. Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.”

Paul Rand


Our strength lies in producing captivating, intelligent and forward thinking communication with effective design and art direction.

Often it requires no more than simple approach in creativity and being forward thinking in the execution to relate to the right people.

We work on a diverse range of design projects, across boundary of media with clients, big and small. We strive to stay true to these principles with every project that we encounter.


  • Brand & Identityopen

    Corporate and personal branding is the first step, and key, in communicating your business, organization, or product to your clients.

  • Print & Publicationopen

    We deliver accessible content, interpret the content’s intention to clearly communicate, enhance the reader’s experience, and establishe a voice, character and spirit.

  • Retail & Environmentopen

    Tell stories or communicate messages and information through the built environment. We take complicated information and make it simple and easy to understand (like many designers do), only we do so in three-dimensional environments such as cities, mass transit systems, business or retail stores.

  • Packagingopen

    Archetype will plan and fashion the complete form and structure of a product’s package. In creating a new design or revamping an existing design, the following aspects of a product’s package are usually reviewed: size and shape, color, closure, outside appearance, protection and economy, convenience, labeling, and the packaging material’s effect on the environment.

  • Digital Interactiveopen

    Archetype strives to create useful and usable products and services. Following the fundamental tenets of user-centered design, the practice of interaction design is grounded in an understanding of real users—their goals, tasks, experiences, needs, and wants. Approaching design from a user-centered perspective, while endeavoring to balance users’ needs with business goals and technological capabilities.

  • Website Architectureopen

    Archetype delivers a responsive design solution—a singular system with a singular content management system that responds to varying screen sizes because of its flexible grid. Instead of designing multiple variations of applications or websites to work on specific device formats, one website is developed to adapt to all devices.

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